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Cakes for their birthdays

credits to google for the photo

Ria really wants to have a princess cake like this for her 11th birthday.  Its not until October, so maybe I could still buy an oven between now and then so I could try making one of these.  It looks complicated, but its not really I searched on youtube how to make it and I was pleasantly surprised that it is not actually as difficult to make as it looks!

Roi , on the other hand wants me to make him a guitar cake. Heres the youtube tutorial for that:

Ok so first things first. I really need to get an oven soon! But thats only after we transfer to another house. Theres so much need for that one, too and thats definitely top priority. We still have to buy a sink for the kitchen, some switchplate covers for the rooms, maybe fix the ceiling thats kind of worn out already So much to do, so little time so much to buy, so little budget! Haha! :)

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One Response to Cakes for their birthdays

  1. Elvirah says:

    Wowthats looks quite incredible. Even i would like to eat a cake like that with a guitar on it. Your little one is lucky to have a mother like you.

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