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postheadericon Amazing human body

The human body is undoubtedly one of the greatest wonders. It is an example of perfect coordination. It is designed to cope with stress, to think in a matter of split seconds, all day and night.  I came across this chart that even made me more amazed at what the human body is capable of doing.

So Mondays are most likely the day where people are more prone to get a heart attack.  Thats probably because in this very fast-paced world, everyone is not well-rested. One has to grope for energy and strength to weather the challenges of another long week ahead.

postheadericon Pregnancy and Birth in the US

Pregnancy and childbirth never cease to amaze me.  As a mom myself, I have been through the joys and pain of child bearing and rearing.
This is the reason why I love to read about pregnancy and childbirth issues.  I love statistics, too.  This chart caught my attention:
This is a very interesting and informative chart.  What interested me the most was how the US government financially supports every childbirth in their nation.    That is praise-worthy,because families in poorer countries dont  get much support from their respective governments during childbirth.

postheadericon The Bloggers Exchange

I just joined an elite group of bloggers called The Bloggers Exchange. This group of bloggers aims to improve their blogging careers in many ways. The group plans to have blogging projects in the future. Glad I was part of the pioneering batch!

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