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postheadericon Camote Cue

Every Filipino thats outside the Philippines would be drooling at this!  This is actually sweet potato coated with sugar.  The sugar part is not that healthy, but then again, its alright to indulge once in awhile, right? Haha! :)

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postheadericon Arrozcaldo: my comfort food

I remember my mom cooks the best arroz caldo.  It is actually a Spanish word for Chinese congee.  Now that we are so far away from home, I try my best to cook the best arroz caldo for my family.

Perfect for a cold day!

Last night this is what we had for dinner.  It is also a good way to make use of the rice left overs.  I put lots of ginger to have a more spicy flavor, some chives, a little tomato and lots of garlic.

I am so-o-o drooling as I write this post!

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postheadericon Chopsuey

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