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Archive for the Desserts Category

postheadericon Camote Cue

Every Filipino thats outside the Philippines would be drooling at this!  This is actually sweet potato coated with sugar.  The sugar part is not that healthy, but then again, its alright to indulge once in awhile, right? Haha! :)

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postheadericon Rias banana cream pie

This is my Rias delicious banana cream pie.  Our 10-year old is very much into baking and cooking.  She loves to pursue a degree in music, but is also excited about the thought of having her own cafe and restaurant someday.

I know starting a business would be challenging, but if she is really into it, she will do good Im sure.

For starters the biggest challenge would be the capital to start the business. She would need capitalization for the construction, payment for equipment leasing and a lot of other necessities to get the business started and running.

I guess its too early to tell what she really wants in life for now we are supportive of our little chefs dreams and aspirations!

postheadericon Fruit Salad

After such a long day at work today, I just had to satisfy my cravings for sweets.  I made this fruit salad with cream and condensed milk.  It was a perfect after-dinner treat!