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postheadericon Oh, Swensens!

Its mango season again in Thailand which explains this mango-flavored Swensens ice cream!

Of course, chocolate is always classic I always get amazed with its taste everytime!

Oh, Swensens!  When will you ever stop captivating my heart taste buds?


postheadericon Belles birthday cake

Our homeschoolers teacher celebrated her birthday a month ago and this was our birthday surprise for her: a cake from Bread Talk.  It was so rich and yummy!  Not that big, though but it was just enough for us as it was eaten with ice cream! Ha!

Bread Talk is located at the ground floor or Terminal 21, Bangkoks newest mall.

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postheadericon Dinner @ Hot Pot

Our favorite neighbors invited us for dinner when their daughter who learns English with me graduated from her Masters Degree.

We felt it was an honor to be invited by a Thai family, so we did not have second thoughts!

We went to Hot Pot, a restaurant in Fashion Island.

You just put in the meat and veggies into the boiling pot..

Its eat-all-you-can so you can just choose anything you want to put into your hot pot.

I love the dumplings and the pancit-- very similar to the ones we have in the Philippines so I really enjoyed that.

After that hearty meal, there was unlimited dessert so we got ice cream, those Thai sweets that is similar to our halo halo. And oh, by the way, drinks were unlimited too.  But I have a confession:  I am not that good in dining at eat-all-you can restos because I easily get full! Sigh.



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postheadericon Camote Cue

Every Filipino thats outside the Philippines would be drooling at this!  This is actually sweet potato coated with sugar.  The sugar part is not that healthy, but then again, its alright to indulge once in awhile, right? Haha! :)

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postheadericon Bananacue

I have been craving for bananacue since day 1 here in Thailand but sadly, we dont have that variety of banana available here.  They use a variety  that is very similar to the table banana that we have in the Philippines.

One day I decided to buy a bunch of those and made my own bananacue!

Verdict: cravings satisfied BUT still missing those fat big bananas on a stick!  Sigh.  I miss Pinas.

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postheadericon Cheesecake!

The photo says it all.  I am so drooling I cant write anything about it! LOL!

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postheadericon Christmas Doughnuts

Last Christmas our family visited two families in our neighborhood to sing Christmas carols and prayed for them.  This one family prepared a box of doughnuts for us!  It was so thoughtful of them.

We enjoyed every bite!  It was one happy Christmas eve.

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postheadericon Sweet and Sour Fish@ Tha Siam

I had this hot and spicy, sweet and sour fish at Tha Siam just before Christmas with friends from the Philippines who came over to visit.  It was my first time there, and I loved  it!  I have been here two years and there are still so many Thai dishes that I have yet to taste.

I would definitely love to visit that restaurant again sometime.  Tha Siam Restaurant is located at the 7th floor of Central World, Bangkok.

This dish costs 80 THB (around 120 PHP).

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postheadericon Fruit Salad

After such a long day at work today, I just had to satisfy my cravings for sweets.  I made this fruit salad with cream and condensed milk.  It was a perfect after-dinner treat!



postheadericon Lunch by the beach

Last week we went to Pattaya city, about 2 hours away from Bangkok for a rest and relaxation trip with the team that I work with.

We were in Pattaya bay and while we sat by the beach, there were food vendors who sold fresh sea foods.

Crabs, shrimps and shells! Yum!

We ordered fried chicken, crabs, and shrimp tempura

Fried rice with seafood

Eating with great friends... what a weekend it was!

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