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postheadericon Pretty Polly

Dressing up for a wedding or a party could prove to be a real challenge.  It would definitely take a lot of time to try on more than just a few dresses, with bags and heels to match with it.  And oh, the make up.  How could that be forgotten?  It would even be best to have a make up trial with your makeup artist days before the big day.

One of the things that could make your getup even more special would be to have a pair of Pretty Polly pantyhose.  Now these are not just those ordinary stockings you see online. In fact, how would you like to have one of those that Selena Gomez or Paris Hilton wear?  With hip designs, you could look and feel great on the special day you have been preparing for months.

Pretty Polly products are not only durable.  They have made a name in the UK over the years and have been a part of fashion for decades.  It is enough reason to make it your choice!

Pretty Polly Naturals 8D Open Toe Pantyhose

A personal favorite: Pretty Polly naturals


postheadericon His tool box

I really thought hubby is already turning 40 on his coming birthday.  It’s only a few weeks from now so I was getting pressured of getting him something special on his 40th.  Then he said he’s still turning 39!  Oh dear, my math was so wrong but still, I have to think of ways to make his big day special.

For starters, I still can’t bake him a cake because I still don’t have my dream oven.  My handy hubby is really desiring a tool box filled with useful tools.  That’s what he wanted for his birthday last year but due to budget constraints, I was not able to buy it for him.  I should set aside money for that.

I should get him his dream guitar for his 40th—one of those classy Schecter Guitars. Ok, that’s still  a year from now so I have enough time to save up.  Meantime, let me look for that tool box!

@credits to google for the photo