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postheadericon The Way Your House Looks

There’s no doubt about it. The way your house looks is a reflection of you, the owner. That is why I find it weird if people would have their house decorated by someone else without even giving their opinion or comment about it. To me, it’s like giving up your true self, your personality. It’s like living in a house that is not really yours.

I am not saying you should not have an interior decorator but you should at least give them an idea what you like, what colors you prefer, what pieces of furniture or decors would be important to you. For instance, if you prefer to have window toppers then you should make that clear to your interior decorator. It’s your house; let it speak about who you are.

postheadericon Aspiring Photographer

Thats me I love taking photos especially of flowers, food, or anything that interests me.

I do not have one of those DSLR cameras yet, but I am hoping Id have one soon. Meantime my point and shoot Sony is doing a good job. I also like the fact that its handy and can fit in my bag or purse. I just get frustrated when I cant take shots of objects that are far, or I cant perfect a macro shot.

Looking at cameras in shops are one of my favorite pasttimes, and I also keep myself updated with the latest models and prices. Who knows? I could have enough money to buy that camera Ive always wanted and yes, I could pursue this newfound passion!

postheadericon Hello Kitty!

I remember one time there was this campaign for children online, and it went viral on facebook. We had to replace our profile photos with our favorite cartoon character as a child. I did not have any second thoughts. I immediately chose Hello Kitty.

I have fond memories of collecting hello kitty stickers, bags, wallets and even stationery while I was in my elementary years. We would often brag about our collections in school and sometimes we would exchange items.

These days there are a lot of cartoon characters to choose from, so my kids might have difficulty answering as to who their favorite cartoon character is but definitely, Hello Kitty is a classic!