Hubby and I went out for a date last Thursday, and I blogged about it here.  A dear blogger friend asked about the food photos so here they are!
Sweet and sour fish
Of course, rice this is a starry-starry rice! Haha! ;)
Iced tea for drinks
Then we had these for dessert:
They call it coconut pudding.  Its soft, pretty much like  maja blanca with sago at the bottom.  I dont know what this is called in Thai, but its a common dessert.
And this coconut gel with pineapple chunks on top.  Yum!
After a few minutes
BURPPP! Our tummies were definitely full and since it was a date night, so were our hearts! <3

I always thought it would exciting to have a culinary arts degree
from one of the great California culinary schools, and then I could create my own signature dishes.