Its hard to know exactly if I lost weight or not, since we dont have a weighing scale at home.  I think I have shed off some pounds, basing on my pants waistline.  I have also started to wear those pants that I have been keeping in the closet in case I could trim down.

Hubby was teasing me that this is because of the many pressures and problems we have.  Well, I dont want to lose weight because of my woes.  Personally I think its not a healthy way to lose weight, is it? :)

I like it that I lost some weight, but I need to also have a healthy lifestyle to couple it with. I really dont exercise, so I have to include that in my schedule. One of the reasons why I really dont want to gain so much weight (again) is because its so hard to find plus size formal dress here in Thailand. For some reason, Thai ladies are generally slim so I have to go to export shops if I want to get a size for me. These shops, by the way, are not in every mall so they could be much of a challenge to find.