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Dinner @ Hot Pot

Our favorite neighbors invited us for dinner when their daughter who learns English with me graduated from her Masters Degree.

We felt it was an honor to be invited by a Thai family, so we did not have second thoughts!

We went to Hot Pot, a restaurant in Fashion Island.

You just put in the meat and veggies into the boiling pot..

Its eat-all-you-can so you can just choose anything you want to put into your hot pot.

I love the dumplings and the pancit-- very similar to the ones we have in the Philippines so I really enjoyed that.

After that hearty meal, there was unlimited dessert so we got ice cream, those Thai sweets that is similar to our halo halo. And oh, by the way, drinks were unlimited too.  But I have a confession:  I am not that good in dining at eat-all-you can restos because I easily get full! Sigh.



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7 Responses to Dinner @ Hot Pot

  1. Tito Eric says:

    Pareho tayo just by looking at all that food laid out on a buffet table, either I feel full already or I go for the desserts immediately.

  2. Tetcha says:

    Love that hotpot! Makes me really hungry! Heres my FTF entry:

  3. Clarissa says:

    Its a first to encounter a hotpot buffet,hope we have em here^_^Looks yummy,Mommy Raya!

    Happy FTF!

  4. hehehe me too, thats why I will have to starve myself before buffet so I can have a taste of all the foods lol visiting from FTF

  5. Foods at Fashion Island seemed nice! WE do hot pot at home though, honestly, I havent tried it at any resto here in Manila. Nice FTF!

  6. what a sweet neighbor :-) the foods look delish but my fave is the pancit :-) Visiting late from Foof Trip Friday, hope that you can return the visit too

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