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KFCs Twister

on October 2, 2012

Ria and I went out for a date last week.  We have not gone out for a while, so the first thing that we had to ask ourselves was, what to eat?. My teenager is such a foodie, and so is the mommy!

We just decided to go to KFC. Ria had her usual chicken set meal while I tried the Twister.  Its like shawarma only it has chicken filling.

My twister with a beautiful background-- hehe!

My verdict?  It was tasty.  A little spicy, too.  I thought of bringing home one to hubby who was resting in the house after his surgery but I thought the chewing would be difficult for him since his ears need to be taken cared of (he had an ear surgery).  For now I am just serving him more vegetable dishes.


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