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Lunch @ Jeffers Grill

This is what we had for lunch during our friends birthday.  This whole meal costs around 3 USD.

Jeffers Grill is located at 4th Floor Terminal 21, Bangkok.  Branches are also available in other malls in the city.


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6 Responses to Lunch @ Jeffers Grill

  1. Tito Eric says:

    Not bad for $3.00 . . . and it looks scrumptious, too.

  2. The burger looks so heavy, surely you will be full enough with just one bite. Visiting from Yummy SUnday!

  3. yum and healthy choice of food :-) visiting from yummy sunday, hope thatyou can return the visit too.

  4. Iska says:

    Yeah, I definitely agree the price is good for what you get. Filling indeed :-)

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