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postheadericon Missing Thai Massage

For those who have experienced Thai Massage, you know how it feels the first time youd have it. For me, I was so scared as I could hear my bones cracking on top of that, I had to lie on back, lie on my belly, sit down, etc. Its so unlike the way we do massage in the Philippines.

My first impression was, it is not very relaxing but mind you, after two hours, I felt so regenerated and refreshed. So Thai massage has become a perfect way to destress for me and the hubbs.

I know Id be doing a lot of walking again in Bangkok when we get back there a few days from now. I was thinking of buying one of those juzo compression stockings to relax my legs.

Meantime, I am still enjoying my vacation here and walking under the heat of the sun (like what we normally do in Bangkok) is definitely not a part of it!

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