Thais are generally foodies.  It would be very common to see eating places like this (buffet) with all sorts of Thai food.  These places would be so unbelievably packed at night time!

The mo-kata that is very near our place.  We were invited by very special friends last Friday night and we readily agreed to have dinner! We love these eating places.  So much food to choose from!

I got shy, I did not bring my camera to take photos of the food you can choose from. :) So I just took a photo of what Ive taken back to our table:  Sushi and this crunchy yellow  thing that tastes perfect with a very spicy sauce!

These are what they place on each table. We get to grill our meat here, and on the side is water where you can boil meat or vegetables if you want .  Quite hot sitting infront of this thing, though! :)

Fresh shrimps! they were big, I tell you!

And now theyre beautifully orange! I am so drooling! Let the eating begin!!