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postheadericon Successful Marriages

How many weddings have you been to? How many vows have you heard? Can you remember how they tickle you or make you feel like crying? I do. I love weddings.

I love the songs, I love the look on the couples faces, I love listening to vows, and yes I love the food.

But mind you, it takes a lot of effort to make a marriage afloat. It is not just as simple as saying a vow or staying in love many times there would be lots of things to give up, there will be compromises and sacrifices. Some would even have to go through counseling and read marriage books to make their marriages exciting. Of course there is no substitute to spending quality time with each other.

For those who make the most of their marriages, you might like to check on this site:

Whatever it takes, lets all remember our vows and always go back to that place and time where we said them infront of the many witnesses. And dont forget to stay in love. Its the best place to be!

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