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Moms Day @ BKK Grill

I blogged about our time at BKK Grill for Mothers Day last August 12 here.

So what did we have?

 photo bkkgrill2_zps86b0d840.jpg

Mushroom soup for 25 THB / .83 USD)

 photo bkkgrill3_zpsea56f9c8.jpg

Salad with dressing at 50 THB/  1.66 USD

 photo bkkgrill4_zps1a1c1874.jpg

Beef cheeseburger with fries and salad at 85 THB / 2.83  USD

It was really one sumptuous meal we went home with full stomachs, and with hearts filled with praises.  I, in particular was so grateful for that simple celebration of Mothers Day.  If my heart could make a sound, it would be burp!