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Roti Mataba

I have a new favorite something that we could easily buy in the market near us. Its called Roti Mataba! Funny how mataba in our language means fat. Umm, this does really make you fat if you have too much of it, that is.

It is mostly sold by Thai Muslims in markets, stalls and restaurants here in Bangkok.

 photo ROTI1_zpsb71ddb5b.jpg

This is how Roti Mataba looks like.. inside are vegetables and ground beef or chicken

 photo ROTI2_zpsf4d8263e.jpg

What makes it yummier is what you eat roti mataba with these fresh cucumbers, onions, ginger and chilli with sweet and sour sauce

 photo ROTI3_zps3a37750e.jpg

There you go its ready to eat!

I so love the mix of spicy, sweet, sour and the tasty filling inside.  I have read about food reviews of Roti Mataba and always, food bloggers say its one of the tastiest foods theyve ever had in Bangkok!