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postheadericon The Hazards in Occupational Safety

Many still don’t know that there are countless of occupations out there in which people are exposed to asbestos unknowingly. This kind of natural mineral has been used for ages by manufacturing companies in a lot of their products since it is inexpensive and very lightweight. It is the product of choice to many companies since it is heat and fire resistant, making it hard to resist and not be tempted to use.

Least that many don’t know also that the continuous exposure to asbestos has been linked to several health related illnesses like lung cancer and mesothelioma. What made it even worse is that detecting and diagnosing is quite difficult because it would take several years for the symptoms to develop. So mostly the prognosis is not quite favorable, plus the fact that the treatment of mesothelioma is also limited thus making it one of the most hazards in occupational safety.


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